4-day Digital Product Management bootcamp!

Published: August 2, 2023

In June, 20 newly appointed Product managers completed a 4-day Digital Product Management bootcamp, delivered by external vendor MadeFor.

The 4-day immersive bootcamp, held at our Belfast office, was designed to build the core capabilities needed for product manager roles. Participants explored the full product lifecycle learning the key skills required to go from idea to customer success! The bootcamp completed with the participants presenting back to their stakeholders and L&D team.

Participants sit in a class learning about Digital Product management.

Those who attended will have covered various outcomes, including:

  • Learning to manage stakeholders and communicate effectively
  • Learning prioritisation in multiple dimensions and complexity
  • Learning to manage the product innovation process
  • Learning to apply Agile values and principles in various organisational set-ups of working by understanding 'outcome-focused agile'

The learning journey does not stop there, with a new and exciting Community of practice initiated by the group continuing the social learning and knowledge sharing as they apply their learning back on their teams. In the coming the weeks participants will also attend various business talks relevant to their learning as well as PM development sessions to build on their existing skills. Congratulations to all participants!

Participants in the Digital Product Management Bootcamp presents their project.
Participants in the Digital Product Management Bootcamp recieves certificate of completion.

The program was well received by all in attendance, see below and their feedback:

"I'm always excited to jump into training that expands my skillset and helps me thrive in my day-to-day work; however, this course seemed particularly relevant to me as it was specifically designed to address the needs of the newly defined Digital Product Manager role. I feel better empowered and equipped to fully own my product and strategically drive it forward and thankful my manager told me about the opportunity" — Kelley O'Reilly Smith
"I did the course because my role recently changed from Technical Product Owner to Digital Product Manager. My new role and the expectations for me to be successful became very clear after completing the course. The face-to-face learning and collaboration in the room with my peers was the most enjoyable as I had not been to the office in over three years." — Karen Lee
"This course was an opportunity to upskill my PM skills, so I am in the best position to succeed in my new role. The program has refreshed my knowledge and provided me with the tools required to perform I really enjoyed the fully immersive interactive aspect of the training." — Ciaran McGonagle