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Find challenge and reward in a culture of innovation, support, and balance

Allstate NI values each individual and creates an environment that encourages open dialogue in a collaborative context

Across all business areas and management levels, we ensure that recognition is integral at every stage. From our in-house recognition system, to team events and performance bonuses; Allstate NI is committed to promoting a culture of Respect, Recognition and Reward.

Valuing each other extends outside of the organisation too. We are committed to supporting our local communities through our award winning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

Employees sitting in a meeting.

Happy employees are productive employees, and this adage forms the basis for the Recognition and Reward structure at Allstate NI.

Applause is a peer to peer rewards system uniquely developed to encourage a culture of recognition at Allstate NI. Applause enables employees to acknowledge their colleagues who they feel deserve an extra bit of credit for being helpful, or a more substantial award for going above and beyond their regular duties.

Co-workers sharing ideas in a meeting.

Employees at Allstate NI can accrue points throughout the year which can be exchanged for vouchers, gifts or experiences.

At Allstate We Value

Five ideas that Allstate values.

There are many elements that contribute to the unique culture that we are known for

There's a place for everyone!

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