Day in the Life of AI:

Artificial Intelligence in Allstate leverages cutting edge tools and technologies that enables the enterprise to make advancements in areas such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Audio Processing. The AI teams evaluate technologies, develops patterns, practices and services. These projects transform how Allstate will do business, helping the enterprise gain useful insights from data, automates mundane tasks and exposes the team to new technologies to provide a seamless experience for Allstate customers.

We utilise a variety of technologies in our day-to-day work, some include: Python, Java, Cloud, Jenkins and GitHub.

A city highway.

Artificial Intelligence will disrupt entire industries, Allstate is actively building enterprise AI utilities today to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Employees working together on a project.

We are enabling our transformation by establishing AI capabilities and building them into products and abstracted services, making them available as Enterprise Utilities. Training and upskilling our technology workforce to leverage these capabilities is an essential part of our roadmap.

An employee working on his laptop.

Machine Learning is changing the way we work. Using insights from data, we are automating mundane tasks by using new technologies. We are leveraging new products across the enterprise. Our team are working on exciting projects such as: Signal Processing with Speech to text and Emotion extractions, Text summarisations for Call transcripts as well as Legal Documents, Computer Vision Models extracting VIN and Odometer readings from Customer submitted images. You can expect to work with a variety of technologies such as: Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Python and Tensorflow.

An illustration through icons how artificial  intelligence  learns through patterns to spark innovation.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to drive delivery and adoption of AI across the enterprise, to inspire AI first thought patterns, spark and stoke AI innovation, build AI products, safely extend abstracted services, and educate & grow critical skills of the future.