Speed is our new superpower: Generative AI PoC demonstrates a 20% faster migration to new tech stack

Published: January 8, 2024

Allstate is revolutionizing to provide millions of customers protection solutions. One of those solutions is a new auto product on a new technology stack with a new customer experience. This involves migrating hundreds of state/line/company combination books of business, representing millions of dollars of PIF and billions in written premiums, from the existing tech stack to the innovative tech stack and products.

The Challenge:

To successfully transition from the current tech stack to the new stack and products, a strategic approach was imperative. The manual conversion process not only poses the risk of elongating timelines but also increases costs associated with legacy infrastructure. Allstate addressed this challenge head-on and identified a hypothesis that could reshape the landscape.

The Hypothesis:

Could Generative AI be a game-changer for this? By harnessing the power of AI, the aim was to automate the scoping, analysis, and build processes for future versions. The goal was to distinguish common patterns across books from unique ones, thereby reducing the length and cost of the migration effort. The hypothesis was not just a theoretical concept; it forms the foundation for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is already in motion.

Speed is our new superpower, Generatice AI PoC demonstrates a 20% faster migration to new tech stack.

The MVP:

In the current state, Allstate is utilizing Large Language Model (LLM) combined with content retrieval to construct a modular solution. This solution was designed to scope, analyze, and compile potential rule differences for an initial set of six states. The MVP was a significant step forward in demonstrating the viability of the proposed solution.

The Solution Journey:

The genesis of this revolutionary solution took place during a Gift of the Gab (GOTG) Hackathon. It was an ideation/hackathon attended by around 300 people from across Allstate to brainstorm products and potentially come up with initial Proof of Concepts (PoCs). Based off this, Discovery and Framing [D&F] sessions with technology and business partners took place, the aim was to refine the understanding of the problem and conceptualize a viable solution. The result was a lightweight PoC app currently undergoing real-world testing and refinement based on feedback from a select user group.

Business Impact:

The preliminary outcomes are hugely impressive. A recent time study indicates that work can be completed 20% faster using the new approach. This not only showcases the efficacy of the Generative AI solution but also underscores our commitment to efficiency and innovation.

Showcasing Ongoing Business Development:

The entire journey exemplifies Allstate's commitment to understanding business problems, seeking continuous improvement, and embracing an agile development approach. Venturing into the realm of Generative AI for the platform migration is not just a technological leap but a strategic move that reflects the company's commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of insurance technology.