Women In Technology At Allstate (WITA)

Women from across Allstate come together as part of our Women In Technology at Allstate (WITA) employee resource group to realise, and live into, the shared purpose of engaging with, and advocating for, women in tech.

They empower and develop each other by sharing their unique experiences, offering peer to peer support and mentorship, and by helping advance women in the Technology industry. Here are some ways that being part of this incredible group has impacted our employees!

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Jade, Cyber Risk Security Assessor.

"I am so grateful to be part of the Women in Technology at Allstate; it has opened so many opportunities for me to progress in my career and enhance my skills while being supported by a community of compassionate and talented women.

We discuss each other's fears and hurdles and encourage one another to step out of our comfort zone. I had a horrible fear of speaking publicly. Since joining WITA I have spoken at multiple events and even facilitated a workshop, something I never thought I'd do!"

Cyber Risk Security Assessor

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"I joined WITA in January 2018, as I had just moved into a new role and I wanted to learn more from a group of like-minded women in technology. What I found was a group of women who were so passionate about getting more women into technology, they developed programs for all levels of education, they were focused on advancing diversity and providing development and mentoring opportunities for everyone that wanted to progress their career, but most of all supporting employees in times of need.

I have made friends and connections from across all business areas at Allstate Northern Ireland and beyond, I have attended bespoke mentoring & training, I have spoken at and attended conferences. I have grown in confidence and I am excited about my career in Technology. I am so proud to wear my WITA badge with pride."

Team Manager

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Rosemary, Team Manager, poses for International Women's Day.
Lucy, Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

"Women in Tech at Allstate is all about community; a sense of belonging, and a source of empowerment. Women from across the organization come together to realize, and live into, the shared purpose of engaging with, and advocating for, women in tech.

During the years of my involvement I have become a member of the core WITA team; at the heart of the action, contributing toward strategy, and bringing the vision to life. I have made some incredible friends within this community and have truly felt part of something very important outside of my day to day role."

Marketing &
Communications Coordinator

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"Being a part of WITA has enabled me to network with a variety of amazing women, both inside and outside Allstate. I've had the opportunity to attend conferences and training that have supported me in my career development. I've been empowered to run events for both employees and also in partnership with other external organizations.

WITA focuses on equipping women of all ages with the skills to succeed in IT. This includes, internal 'Lean In' groups, confidence building workshops and the 'Protégé mentoring program' which continues to grow from strength to strength. Allstate sponsored 'CyberFirst Girls' — a panel ran event held in NI, and 'Little Girls with Big Goals' — an initiative rolled out in primary schools to highlight successful women and show girls and young women that it is ok to dream big. WITA members also participated in 'Ignite' in Derry-Londonderry — a scheme developed in partnership with local schools and companies to encourage female secondary school students to consider a career in IT.

As a result of development and engagement activities like this, Allstate has seen an increase in female leadership — with many members of the mentoring program receiving promotions.

There has also been an uptake of female graduates joining the company as a result of recruitment and retention efforts by WITA members attending University careers fairs and 'Bring IT On' events.

I am extremely proud to be Chair of the WITA group at ANI and very thankful for the many opportunities I have been given over the years as a part of WITA. The core team really are an inspirational group of ladies who go above and beyond their day jobs to push forward the equity agenda at Allstate."

Director BISO

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Rachelle, Director BISO.
Caroline, Project Manager.

"Being part of WITA provides you with an instant, extensive, support and networking community. It's a great way to instantly build connections across Allstate when you onboard, and it immediately opens doors to Allstate's other Employee Resource Groups, and to the wider technology community.

As a way to connect while we all continue to spend less time in the office, it's perfect. Those of us who join WITA, tend to stay with it — which tells you all you need to know when you are wondering whether or not to become a member or attend a WITA ran event!"

Project Manager

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"Being a part of WITA has enabled me to learn from the amazing community of women technologists we have in Allstate.

We're so fortunate at Allstate NI to have such a supportive network in place, it's like a family who are always there for you."

Project Product Delivery Manager

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Jeanne, Project Product Delivery Manager.