PJ Casimero


Product Technology (PT)

PJ Casimero headshot.

PJ Casimero is a Developer within the Data Orchestrator Team which is part of Product Technology. The Data Orchestration Team works on projects that deal with batch processing. As a whole, it allows Allstate to match or even beat competitor's prices by taking into account customer information such as their car's technology, annual mileage, no claims bonus, etc.

The team work with interesting technologies such as Java Spring, Jenkins and SQL server management.

Part of PJ's role involved automating the Jenkins pipelines which improved the team's efficiency and ease up their work load as deployments and the creation of EAR/WAR files are being done automatically with a push of a button.

"My favourite thing about my job is my team. Since the beginning, everyone has been very supportive of me and are always welcoming if I had any issues or questions."