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Work/Life balance
at Allstate NI

A working pattern that suits you

We encourage a better work life balance and you'll have an opportunity to apply various flexible working arrangements

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At Allstate NI we operate a very flexible working policy that will allow you to design your working week in collaboration with your manager with a blend of remote and office working for NI based employees as well as condensed, part time and staggered hours. We believe in encouraging our employees to take ownership of their work/life balance.

There are many different forms of flexible working that cover the way working hours are organised during the day, week or year.

Our flexible working arrangements

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Part-time hours

Working less than the standard working hours

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Condensed hours

Working the standard hours over fewer days

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Staggered hours

Working the agreed hours outside the standard working hours

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Hybrid Working

Can choose a blend of working in the office or at home throughout the week

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Summertime Flextime

In July and August adapt your workday to accomodate your lifestyle need

How our employees avail of our flexible working policies

Hybrid working at Allstate NI

The Allstate NI hybrid working approach offers employees the best of both worlds, a mixture of working from home and working/interacting/socializing in the office. The hybrid workplace gives our employees the choice of working in one of our offices, working from home, or splitting their time between the two.

We believe that offices will play an important but fundamentally different role in the future. The Allstate NI offices have evolved to allow collaboration, socialisation and interaction rather than just work — it will enable in-person connection, community and partnership.

Allstate NI have made significant investment across all offices to ensure an optimal experience, offering a flexible office space, meeting, collaboration and social areas. Employees have a choice of what area of the office best suits the type of work they need to do at that moment, whether it's focusing on a task in a quiet zone or getting up to speed with colleagues over a coffee

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