We adapt to new technologies, trends and ever-changing environments.

At Allstate NI we are working methodically to develop new innovations and possibilities, defining the ambitions for tomorrow and into the future.

We have a strong focus on providing a collaborative and empowered environment. Our innovative tools and infrastructure ensures Allstate can deliver user driven, high-quality digital solutions and products for the customer.

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Headshot of PJ Casimero.

PJ Casimero

Developer, Product Technology (PT)

"My favourite thing about my job is my team. Since the beginning, everyone has been very supportive of me and are always welcoming if I had any issues or questions."

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Headshot of Karen Agnew.

Karen Agnew

Developer, Product Technology (PT)

"We are a fairly new team and it can be quite challenging at times but we all have our various strengths and we work well together helping each other out. It is a great team for learning and getting experience in new technology."

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Headshot of Philip Clyde.

Philip Clyde

Test Engineer, Flight

"Recently I worked on the Shelter in Place Payback project, that was created in response to Covid-19 outbreak, allowing Allstate to pay $600 million back to its customers."

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