Karen Agnew


Product Technology (PT)

Karen Agnew headshot.

Karen Agnew is a Developer within the Data Orchestrator Team which is part of Product Technology. The Data Orchestration Team works on projects that deals with batch processing. As a whole, it allows Allstate to match or even beat competitor's prices by taking into account customer information such as their car's technology, annual mileage, no claims bonus, etc.

The team work with interesting technologies such as Java Spring, Jenkins and SQL server management.

Karen has also worked on projects using Java Spring such as Advanced Vehicle Rating which gathers information for policies and an Annual Mileage Verification project. Working across a number of projects allows the team to share the knowledge that they've learnt and help to deliver the final product more smoothly and efficiently.

"My favourite thing about the job has to be the people I work with. We are a fairly new team and it can be quite challenging at times but we all have our various strengths and we work well together helping each other out. It is a great team for learning and getting experience in new technology."