Exceptional people are what make a business great.

Great people are the driving force behind great business. That's why at Allstate we pride ourselves in hiring and nurturing the best people at all levels of our organisation. We invest in our people, encouraging them to grow and develop their careers with us as a career at Allstate is a career for life.

Don't take our word for it.
Hear what our people have to say.

Headshot of Henry Sinclair.

Henry Sinclair

Senior Team Manager (DIS)

"My favourite thing in my current role at Allstate is having the ability to come up with a new vision and ideas and be able to drive them forward."

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Headshot of Niall O'Neill.

Niall O'Neill

Consultant (FP &A)

"I'm a big fan of efficiency and engaging work, so it's been really satisfying to contribute to making processes better."

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Headshot of Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Analyst (MARA)

"It feels good to know our work directly promotes our business goals of consumer centricity and it enables leadership to take action to promote our shared purpose - helping our customers through life's uncertainties."

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Headshot of Philip Clyde.

Philip Clyde

Test Engineer, Flight

"Recently I worked on the Shelter in Place Payback project, that was created in response to Covid-19 outbreak, allowing Allstate to pay $600million back to its customers."

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Headshot of Richard Hanna.

Richard Hanna

Information Analyst (DIS)

"I am enjoying the challenges of working with an application that is evolving and gathering momentum in the data visualisation space."

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Headshot of PJ Casimero.

PJ Casimero

Developer (PT)

"My favourite thing about my job is my team. Since the beginning, everyone has been very supportive of me and are always welcoming if I had any issues or questions."

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Headshot of Aziz Kabir.

Aziz Kabir

Software Engineer (DIS)

"Consolidating brands and technology assets to create a world class experience by simplifying the way products are sold, expanding access and improving customer value."

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Headshot of Karen Agnew.

Karen Agnew

Developer (PT)

"We are a fairly new team and it can be quite challenging at times but we all have our various strengths and we work well together helping each other out. It is a great team for learning and getting experience in new technology."

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Headshot of Sarah Nicol.

Sarah Nicol

Developer (DIS)

"One of the things that drew me to Allstate was the culture of diversity and inclusion. Allstate NI has one of the largest percentages of women developers in a tech company in northern Europe (28%) but they are striving to do better."

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