Jim Bannon

Director - Product Technology
& Emerging Business

Allstate Northern Ireland

Jim Bannon headshot.

Jim has over 20 years' technology experience across various domains. He has extensive experience in leading global teams and leading international strategies with specific successes in delivering business solutions to address technology needs.

Prior to Allstate NI, Jim was employed by NevadeTele.com, IMRGlobal, Logicom and a Healthcare Trust, gaining experience in project management, web development, web hosting, eSecurity & communications solutions, bespoke development, document management, imaging and workflow products, along with various client-server technologies. Jim has been with Allstate NI for 15 years and has worked in various areas within Allstate NI, including Access Allstate and Cyberlife in Allstate Financial Technology and for ISG in WebFocus, Crystal and Business Objects. In 2007, he spent 6 months in the role as a Business Improvement Agent, developing Allstate NI's Innovation Strategy before taking on his current role.

At Allstate NI, Jim is the Director for Product technology leading a global team of 300 and providing local leadership to a further 250 across ATSV, Canada and Emerging Business.

Jim is a Queen's graduate with a degree in Computer Science and a masters degree in Business Administration, he is also a Microsoft Certified Java Developer.

Jim is married to Paula and has 3 sons, Michael, Ruairi and Aidan and 2 daughters, Lara and Katie. Jim likes to spend his spare time running, cycling and walking his dog on the beach in Downings.