Investing in our People for Roles of the Future — Digital Product Manager reskilling

Published: August 21, 2023

At Allstate NI, we're passionate about providing reskilling and upskilling opportunities to our employees to help them progress their careers. We recently had 20 newly appointed Product Managers complete a 4-day Digital Product Management bootcamp, delivered by external vendor MadeFor.

Investing in our people for roles of the future, ANI employees take part of Digital Product Manager reskilling program.

The 4 day course was designed to build the core capabilities needed for product manager roles. Participants explored the full product lifecycle learning the key skills required to go from idea to customer success! The bootcamp completed with the participants presenting back to their stakeholders and L&D team.

We spoke to Rosemary, Lead Digital Product Manager, to find out more about her experience of the course.

What attracted you to the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp?

I have been in various leadership roles over the past 18 years, during one of the townhalls I heard the call about keeping your skills relevant, paired with the changes in my organisation, I started looking at courses on Degreed and completed some project manager training. I then signed up for SAFe training as my team was transitioning to Agile as well! When my local leader Ciaran reached out and told me about the bootcamp and asked if I wanted to participate, I nearly bit the hand off him!

What did the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp program entail?

The bootcamp was excellent, it had some pre-work that needed to be completed, but it was how the course was created and delivered gives you insights into what the Digital Product Manager is responsible for, it was the quickest week and walking away from the course I was so proud of what I had accomplished.

How does the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp help you as a leader today?

I came away from the course buzzing, I threw myself into the role and today I have a deeper understanding of my role. I feel as a Lead Digital Product Manager I am able to look at my product and really start asking the right questions to get to the bottom of the problems that the team is solving. I have noticed that the value has increased with regards to delivery of products and the speed that they are being delivered at.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for a reskilling program?

Do it, you will be amazed at what skills you already have that supports your reskilling into Digital Product Manager roles. Too often we are so wrapped up in getting the job done, but I promise that taking the time to investment in yourself will pay off! For me, the program joined up the dots that was missing and I am excited for what the future holds!