Digital Product Manager: Reskilling Program

Published: October 23, 2023

Numerous employees have recently taken part in the 4-day Digital Product Management bootcamp, delivered by external vendor MadeFor.

The 4-day course has been designed to build the core capabilities needed for these employees to transition into product manager roles. Participants explore the full product lifecycle learning the key skills required to go from idea to customer success.

Patrick Brogan recently completed the course, hear his experience below.

1. What attracted you to the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp?

I wanted to understand the new model that was being developed to move the organization to an optimized way of working. As a Project Manager/Scrum Master, I hoped it would benefit me to know how the DPM role will integrate with the other team roles and support structures of the organization. Also, I was interested to develop the necessary skills this role requires should this become a career development option.

Allstate Northern Ireland, Digital Product Manager: Reskilling program.

2. What did the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp program entail?

It included all aspects of the DPM role, i.e., understanding a customer needs from product perspective and from creating a Problem Statement to Product Release planning and all the stages in between. There were also learnings on Customer engagement, how to manage stakeholders and product roadmaps. It encompassed the technical aspect like User stories, acceptance criteria, backlog refinement, sprint planning and sprint review.

3. How does the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp help you as a leader today?

It has given me a great insight into the new working model being rolled out at Allstate NI. I now comprehend the magnitude of the DPM role and how it is central to the success of the teams and Product growth. I can really appreciate the product concept and how it differs from our current way of working.

4. How do you think this course will benefit you in the future/ help your career?

The major benefits will be awareness and understanding of how to work as a product manager and with a product manager. It has highlighted the skills that I can develop to better position myself for the future.