Evolve Reskilling Program - Neil Mallon

Published: August 4, 2023

Evolve Reskilling Program

Reskilling has become a vital strategy in today's rapidly evolving world. As technology continues to reshape industries, as individuals and an organization we must embrace the power of reskilling to adapt and thrive.

Neil Mallon was a software engineer in Quality and Release Certification within the Delivery & Risk Management (DRM) — Standards, Systems & Transformation (SST) area and has been with Allstate for ten years.

During his Allstate career, he has worked to grow and evolve his skill set, completing upskilling/reskilling programs including our Data Engineering program in 2019 and our Evolve Future Tech Leader program that began in November 2021. The Evolve Future Tech Leader program gave Neil an opportunity to advance his career by expanding into a people-leader role. In fact, Neil was promoted to a senior team manager position in his area in August 2022, just a few months after completing the program.

Neil Mallon, Evolve Reskilling Program, Allstate Northern Ireland.
"I was recently lucky enough to get the role of senior team manager and I believe a lot of this is due to what I learned on the Evolve program. It gave me a lot of confidence to apply for a role that, in the past, I would have second guessed myself for. The topics covered in the program, such as problem solving, communication, and coaching really were the building blocks for applying to a role such as this." ~ Neil Mallon

Neil had already completed data engineering training provided by Neueda and coaching training provided by Proclaim. So, when the Evolve Future Tech Leader program was offered, it seemed too good an opportunity to turn down.

On top of that, Neil had a supportive local manager here at Allstate NI who made him aware of the opportunity and encouraged him to attend Evolve. He learned valuable, transferable tech and leadership skills in the Evolve Future Tech Leader program. He's begun applying these skills within his team, and it has helped him grow professionally and advance his career.

By investing in reskilling initiatives, individuals like Neil an unlock new opportunities, enhance their employability, and future-proof their careers.