Paired programming from home — it can be done!

27th July 2020

How Allstate Northern Ireland achieved what we thought was impossible

Since lockdown began, Allstate Northern Ireland have ensured it's still business as usual for them, with all 2400 of their employees working from home. For the most part this seemed easy for teams to do, but there were questions about how paired programmers could effectively work remotely as they're traditionally known for being sat side by side from 9-5 every day.

Paired programmers working from home.

Allstate's skilled developers and product managers within the CompoZed labs and Claims Tech Solutions teams have busted all the myths that their work cannot be done remotely by still delivering excellent products to Allstate in the US and also to external vendors. This challenging time has taught the team that a change in your working location doesn't impact the ability to still deliver value to customers.

Watch the video below to hear about how some of the team have come together to drive results, but also keep the team spirit alive whilst at home.