Recognition — It's in our DNA!

Published: January 28, 2021

Happy employees are productive employees, and this adage forms the basis for the Recognition programme at Allstate NI. We ensure that recognition is integral across the entire organisation at all levels. From our in-house High5 reward system, to team events and the annual 'Highest of High Fives' award; Allstate NI is committed to promoting a culture of Respect, Recognition and Reward.

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"Recognition is crucial to keeping remote teams engaged. In the office we would have held pizza lunches and enjoyed some down time together. Maintaining this remotely by holding virtual quizzes, bingo and a cocktail masterclass has been hugely successful in keeping our teams engaged." — Joy Chambers, Director — Business Service Solutions

In 2020, 87% of Allstate NI employees recognised their colleagues through the company recognition programmes and a massive 97% of employees were recognised by their colleagues through the same programmes. This is a testament to the fantastic culture of recognition that we work hard to cultivate at Allstate NI.

"It's fantastic to see such a large proportion of the organisation continue to recognise the contributions of each other while working remotely during the challenging year we all faced as a result of Coronavirus. Not seeing each other in person each day can make it difficult to remember to recognise a colleague properly for going above and beyond. But I believe we continued to achieve high levels of recognition across the organisation as it is already embedded deeply into our culture here at Allstate NI." — John Healy, Managing Director

High5 is a peer to peer rewards system uniquely developed to encourage and enable employees to acknowledge their colleagues who they feel deserve an extra bit of credit for being helpful, or for going above and beyond their regular duties. Employees then accrue points throughout the year which can be exchanged for vouchers, branded Allstate clothing, and other fun merchandise like portable chargers and wireless headphones. At the end of each year the 50 top scorers' on High5 are awarded the 'Highest of High Fives' award, the highest recognition prize that can be achieved by any employee at Allstate.

"It was a great surprise and honour being awarded the Highest of High Fives award. Being 1 of 50 people out of a possible 2,400 at Allstate NI is a massive recognition that I am proud to have received. As well as the kudos and recognition of being a winner, the award also comes with a generous bonus" — Conor McCloy, Security Analyst

Last year forced our teams to come up with new ways to recognise each other. And they didn’t disappoint! From virtual quizzes and chocolate making workshops, to cocktail and pizza making master classes and Halloween Spooktacular's, everyone managed to come up with a new and interesting way reward their teams. As we kick of 2021, we continue to promote a culture of recognition across Allstate NI despite the continued global pandemic. We can't wait to see what new ideas for virtual recognition events our teams come up with in 2021!