Lateral Move to Data & Intelligent Systems: Rose Crampsie

Published: May 17, 2023

My journey started at Allstate 7 years ago as a Technical Support Analyst within the ATSC. Having worked in the Airline Industry for over 18 years this was a completely new adventure. I did not have any IT background experience at all so for me this was a daunting and challenging experience. I threw myself into the intensive 5 weeks training regime made it onto the Call floor and this is where the real learning started.

Dealing with Agents and Support staff with all their technical and log in issues for them to sell insurance and service their customers. I quickly learnt how to be organized be resilient, handle pressure with speed and efficiency, have empathy along good listening skills and have the knowledge retention and recall. I quickly flourished with all the daily metrics. I had a great foundation and work ethic so I was in a position that I was mentoring others to follow in my footsteps I had reached the top and it was time to move on from my comfort zone.

I got the opportunity to move to AMAC and had to learn a whole new role that included:

  • Onboarding — Facilitating new agent onboarding process when an Agent joins Allstate.
  • Offboarding — Agent Termination (both voluntary and involuntary).
  • Process & investigate AMAC Service Catalog requests.
  • Password Reset Disablement/Enablement compliance along with AMAC Chatroom support.
  • Mail Merge investigations and approvals.
  • After Hours Support for the Voice Mail Team, which included handling of Voice Mail exceptions.
  • Voicemail Book of Business transfer, mailbox updates and terminations.
  • Mailbox monitoring for urgent requests from associated teams to ensure SLA.

Just as I was getting comfortable the opportunity came along to join UCV. This was a massive leap into the unknown very much out of my comfort zone a whole new area of the business. When I looked at the job description, I ticked a few of the boxes but I knew that I had the hunger drive and the capability of learning, so I took the risk just like before and just went for it. Before I knew it, I was learning SQL writing queries, Onboarding clients to use our PCF Services, running services in Postman along with reporting. Creating knowledge articles doing research and understanding the UCV area and Products Teams. Understanding the API's architecture, endpoints, and data formats. I began using many different applications which I had not used before.

I have now been in my current role for almost 3 years and have been promoted twice. I always say to myself every day is a learning day don't waste it.

I look back and think to myself for someone with no IT background experience I have come a long way. I am very proud of what I have achieved, my advice would be to you all is have the confidence and believe in yourself do take risks step out of your comfort zone as say to yourself I can do anything with the right mindset we all can. I genuinely want to take a moment to thank Leadership at Allstate for all the support and guidance you've provided during my journey and to be able to pursue and to continue my career in IT something I though was not possible. Remember get comfortable with being uncomfortable! If you want to succeed to the top.

Rose, Lateral move to Data and Intelligent Systems.