Security Reskilling Program: Shalini Jagadeesan

Published: August 2, 2023

Security Reskilling

Reskilling has become a vital strategy in today's rapidly evolving world. As technology continues to reshape industries, as individuals and an organization we must embrace the power of reskilling to adapt and thrive. We catch up with Shalini Jagadeesan who has recently reskilled into the role of Information security Analyst within Allstate Information Security.

How has Allstate NI supported you in your role here/role change?

My previous role was in SAP Support but with organization changes I was looking for my next role. The Talent acquisition team and my previous team manager have provided good support like reviewing my CV, skillset and experience and facilitating discussions which has greatly helped me finding my next role.

What reskilling course did you complete and what was your previous role?

In my previous role — I worked as an SAP support analyst in corporate accounting. I completed numerous Data courses/certifications in the last few years and I used to attend Data related 'Meetups' around Belfast.

Shalini Jagadeesan, Security Reskilling Program, Allstate Northern Ireland.

Why did you want to reskill?

I have 9+ years of work experience as an SAP professional, however I've always had interest in data analysis and worked as data analyst (1.5 years) in my previous organization.

How did your manager support you?

When I notified my previous manager about applying for the reskill role, she has acknowledged my interest, reviewed my CV/skill set and helped with the interview process. My new manager and teammates are very supportive in terms of enabling smooth onboarding and answering any queries.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for a reskilling course?

I greatly recommend the reskilling course to anyone who has interest in climbing the career ladder. It truly helps to broaden our skill set which comes handy in the current competitive world.