Volunteering for a Cause: How Allstate NI employees are getting involved!

Published: August 26, 2023

The Allstate NI Volunteer Challenge provides 15 hours for all employees to Be a Force for Good in our community. Nearly 500 employees have volunteered over 3,300 hours in their community so far this year. A group of employees used their hours to volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Lisburn City, which is a store that provides all furniture and house appliances at an extremely affordable cost. The day was run and overviewed by the manager of the store, Niall, and the day involved employees moving inventory, re-tiling the ceiling and re-painting the walls & floor.

ANI employees moving furniture.

Read below their experience:

"It was a sunny day, and it was a great experience to help out in the local community and it's good to see the difference you can make with our volunteering hours. Afterwards we were given a presentation about what habitat for humanity does and how our help directly effects local communities." — Daniel
"This was a great atmosphere to get to know my colleagues and was especially helpful as a new placement student at Allstate NI. I really enjoyed the opportunity to provide help to a charity that does such important work for the community." — Luke
"One of the opportunities that I was given with my volunteer hours by Allstate NI, was to help refurbish a store that gives everyone in the community a sense of equality and inclusion. They have used the money they raise through the store to help out individuals in the community who may need an extra set of helping hands. It is great to know how you can be so impactful to many people by just giving up a few hours of your day to support a great cause." — Caragh
ANI employees painting on the floor.
ANI employees re-tiling the ceiling.