Sarah Lawrence


Marketing Analytics Research and Administration (MARA)

Sarah Lawrence headshot.

Sarah Lawrence works as an analyst in the Research and Insights team within Marketing Analytics Research and Administration (MARA). In her role, Sarah helps solve complex research questions for business partners both inside and outside of the wider Allstate Marketing department. In the Research and Insights team they generate data informed insights which provide a clear call to action.

The team manages a range of data assets which are valued throughout the business and are leveraged to answer complex business question. The research assets they work with include both attitudinal and behavioural data which requires a skilled team with high competency in a range of software programmes to analysis the data.

Some of the programmes the team frequently use include SPSS, R, SAS, Hadoop, Python, and VBA. To be effective in their team they also must maximise accessibility to research findings using visualisation software such as Tableau and Power BI to share outputs with business partners.

"I've worked on a lot of projects I really enjoyed. One project I found interesting was research conducted last year which explored Allstate Agents views on their work and the future changes to the Allstate business model. During the Covid-19 crisis our team has been highly involved in analysing data from the latest research points. This work has been fast paced and real time, but it feels good to know our work directly promotes our business goals of consumer centricity and it enables leadership to take action to promote our shared purpose — helping our customers through life's uncertainties."