The Allstate Insight Program

Whichever business area you choose, we are sure that you will find an Internship at Allstate NI a positive investment of your time this summer.

Be it the projects; the people; the networks; or the social events — you will be surprised at the skills you will develop and how much you will learn.

Northern Ireland interns.

Intern Insights

If you have just enrolled or completed the first year of your degree, our internships offers an opportunity to build your skills and confidence. To be a part of the Allstate's Insight Program you will spend 3 days in our office to observe various business areas across Allstate and receive soft-skills training to prepare you for the workplace. Top performers are then offered a fully paid 12-week summer internship at the end of their 1st year studies.

During the 3 Days You Will Experience

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Team building activities, Design thinking workshops, Escape rooms.

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Meet current placements and graduates and receive interactive demos in Data, Security, AI & Development.

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Internships can help aid you with your industrial placement search.