Helping revolutionize the Digital Landscape: Allstate NI iOS Developers Unleash Cutting-Edge App Magic!

Published: November 28, 2023

Allstate has unveiled an updated version of its mobile app, introducing new features that cater to customers' broader needs and "go beyond" traditional insurance services.

From research and activity data, desired new features were curated that would improve and enhance customer experience based off the insights.

Mike A., the mobile product director at Allstate, stated, "We're attentive to our customers, and these updates provide them with greater personalized value and control to safeguard what matters most. The Allstate mobile app serves as a hub of innovation, revolutionizing how people interact with an insurer. Allstate distinguishes itself from competitors by consolidating an impressive array of features and benefits into a single app."

The team set a challenge to not only create a more connected app but also to launch it within a few months, working with external partners like GasBuddy, SpotHero, and Risk Factor, along with internal partners in user experience and development.

Allstate NI ios Developers unleash cutting-edge app magic - person using the mobile app.

The updated app introduces user-focused enhancements, facilitating improved access to ID cards, streamlined messaging capabilities, and a redesigned launch screen, as highlighted in a news release from the insurance giant.

George and Mike B. iOS developers from Allstate NI collaborated with the US scrum team to contribute significantly to the creation of a new Message Center screen, notification's view, and new functionality for saving and deleting notifications.

As part of the new Mobile App Relaunch work, George and Mike B. wanted to relocate offers and notifications that were sent to our users to a more prominent position. Message Center's in apps nowadays are becoming more popular and based on feedback they decided to create their own Message Center screen which is accessible from the Header by tapping on the Notification Bell on the Overview screen.

Welcome screen and Good Hands Repair Network screen of the mobile app.

On the notification tab is where push notifications are now stored in the app - previously, these were only stored outside of the app on the iOS or Android notification center's. There is now functionality to store the notifications on the user's local device storage so that they can be presented on screen in the app allowing the user to read or delete any push notifications by swiping right or left on each one and the screen will update accordingly.

This development holds significance as the app plays a pivotal role in the ongoing transformation, simplifying customer connections at their convenience. It aligns with the "C" in "ASC"—affordable, simple, connected—the commitment made to customers.

This release marks another step toward making the app a comprehensive platform for customers, allowing them to accomplish all their needs and access the entire circle of protection.

Some of the other key features introduced in the new Allstate mobile app include:

  • Gas Finder: Allstate's partnership with GasBuddy allows users to easily find the lowest-priced fuel in their area.
  • Parking Reservation Platform: This collaboration with SpotHero enables users to find and reserve parking spaces.
  • Weather Risk Resource: Allstate's partnership with Risk Factor provides users with information about climate-related risks for their homes, such as flooding, wildfire, and severe wind.
  • Repair Shop Finder: For customers in need of auto body work, this feature connects them to Allstate's Good Hands Repair Network.

To achieve these improvements, the Mobile team evolved their Agile approach, focusing on delivering the updated app to customers when mostly ready and using their feedback for further enhancements.

Mike Egan Jr., digital product manager, Mobile, emphasized the importance of customer feedback, stating, "Feedback from customers saying that they love the new features or feedback from customers saying they hate the new features—and we take them out—that's a win for us. We get to try and fail fast and show our agility.

The ultimate success envisioned by the team is having every customer download and integrate the app into their daily lives, with customer feedback continuing to guide future feature enhancements by the Mobile team.