Employee Spotlight
Megan D'Arcy

Published: February 21, 2023

We catch up with Data Analytical Engineer, Megan D'Arcy as she gives us insight into her role here at Allstate NI and her journey so far. Megan will be attending BelTech 2023 where she will be presenting on 3 Factor Authentication and the inspiration behind it all.

Employee spotlight, Megan D'Arcy, Data Analytical Engineer.

What is your role at Allstate NI and how long have you been working here for?

I'm currently on placement as a Data Analytical Engineer, I have previously worked as a summer intern and part time in the role.

What's the most exciting part of your job/ what does a typical day look like for you?

My first daily task is to sort through my emails and messages before joining my team's morning scrum. I use the quiet time between Scrum and afternoon meetings to work through my stories and do pair programming. In the evening I meet up again with my team for updates and Team time.

At the minute I am automating a series of pipelines that contribute to a main pipeline. I love that every day is different and not repetitive.

How has Allstate NI supported you in your career journey so far?

Allstate have supported me during my summer placements and university studies they allow me to explore a range of topics and a wide range of projects. The exposure of the projects help me get a full understanding of my work.

What do you enjoy most about the BelTech Conference?

I really like the fact it is local tech people speaking, it is a great platform to hear your neighbours and what their works look like.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming talk at BelTech 2023?

We are examining '3FA', 3 factor authentication for privacy using AI models that generate a model based on accelerometer and gyro data. We will discuss AI, Cyber and initial problem statement that inspired us. Tune in on the day to hear all about it!