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Allstate NI recognised for gender diviersity

Published: July 16, 2018

On Friday, June 22nd, Allstate NI was delighted to host the DMNI Bronze Award luncheons; hosting all Diversity Mark NI members who successfully passed the scrutiny of the Assessor Panel.

Allstate NI have been closely engaged with DMNI since its inception and are a founding and engaged member of the organisation. Allstate NI was therefore very proud to be one of the recipients of the award.

Allstate Ni employees standing together and holding the Bronze award.

Other organisations receiving their awards included:

  • Alexander Mann Solutions
  • Belfast City Council
  • Danske Bank
  • Gilbert Ash
  • Homecare Independent Living
  • Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS)
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • Progressive Building Society
  • Sensata
  • Ulster Bank

The Diversity Mark NI aims are stated in their Charter as:

'This charter recognises that organisations cannot reach their full potential unless they benefit from the rich variety of talents and abilities of all their employees. A balanced workforce is good for business — it is good for customers, for profitability and workplace culture.'

The NI Gender Diversity Charter Mark framework enables organisations to identify and reflect on institutional barriers facing women that impact on their career progression and in doing so helps progress the overall diversity agenda, and the working environment for all employees in the organization.

Organisations that sign up to the Charter commit to advancing gender equality by:

  • addressing areas of unequal gender representation at all levels;
  • removing obstacles faced by women at key points of career development and progression;
  • implementing structural and cultural changes that help advance gender equality;
  • putting in place a strategy and action plan to effect change.

Charter Mark organisations acknowledge that advancing gender equality demands commitment and action at all levels of the organisation and, in particular, active leadership from the CEO and those in senior roles.

The Charter

  • commits organisations to support the progression of women into senior roles by focusing on the executive pipeline and the mid-tier level;
  • recognises that organisations are diverse and the starting points for each may differ, and thus each organisation will set its own targets, strategy and implementation plan;
  • requires organisations to report publicly on an annual basis on the activities and initiatives designed to deliver progress against these internal targets and to support the transparency and accountability needed to drive change.

My organisation pledges to promote gender diversity by:

  • having one member of our senior executive team, at Board level, who is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion including the strategy to advance women into senior roles;
  • incorporating responsibility for gender diversity and inclusion at all management levels in the organisation;
  • setting internal targets for reaching gender diversity in our senior and middle management

Allstate NI are committed to the Charter and will work within our organization to set and achieve stretch goals to advance gender equality. We will also promote diversity in our messages to the wider community and our engagement in external activities to promote diversity. Beyond this, we will work with DMNI to expand the Charter Mark footprint across all areas where diversity is key, such as ethnicity and sexual orientation.

For more information visit the Charter Mark NI website.

Members attending conference are clapping recipients of presented awards.
Allstate NI recieves the bronze award for gender diversity commitment.

Belfast based Jenkins, Director in Arity, a company founded by The Allstate Corporation, succeeds Georgina O'Leary as HM Treasury's appointed ambassador to promote the UK government's world leading Fintech strategy here.

Jenkins has more than 20 years in the technology sector, with extensive experience across financial services, utilities, insurance, telecoms and transportation sectors.

In Jenkin's current role at Arity where he leads a team of 60 people focused on building a platform harnessing mobility data to create more relevant and safer mobility experiences for everyone, he brings a keen understanding of the value of coalition building and creating new technology from the ground up.

Fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK economy, encompassing innovation in financial services including digital banking, payment technologies, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms.

Northern Ireland historically has been a significant driver of the Fintech sector, as Belfast is largely recognised as the world's top destination for Fintech development investment projects and the top city in Europe for new FDI software development projects. And with more than 36,000 people in Northern Ireland employed across the financial and professional services section, 1 in 4 of those are employed in technology roles.

In his role, Andrew will be responsible for promoting Northern Ireland's thriving Fintech sector and championing it as a place for firms to continue to develop and grow their businesses.

Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, commented:

"Fintech is the future of financial services, and we want each corner of the UK to be able to harness its power. Our new regional fintech envoy for Northern Ireland, Andrew Jenkins, will help the sector to grow and flourish throughout Belfast and beyond."

"I want to congratulate Andrew on taking up this new role and I am certain he will build on the success of the existing envoys in helping the UK to remain at the cutting edge of the digital revolution."

Andrew Jenkins, the new Fintech Envoy for Northern Ireland added:

"The UK Government has recognised the potential of this industry and in the last budget, HM Treasury re-affirmed its commitment to ensuring the UK is at the forefront of this technological revolution."

"I am honoured to be chosen as the Fintech Envoy for Northern Ireland by the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, where I will collaborate with the sector here to harness our incredible potential to lead the region and beyond in fintech expertise and offerings."

"I will work to bring together business and civic leaders to invest in leading edge technologies and applications, focusing on emerging capabilities in blockchain, artificial intelligence and data security, to further grow the sector in Northern Ireland."

"Our mandate as part of the UK Fintech strategy is to capitalise on what we have already have in place here in Northern Ireland. With strong Government support, close collaboration between big companies and startups and a world class workforce, Northern Ireland has the potential to become the best place in the world to start and build a Fintech company."

There's a place for everyone!

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