Learn With Leaders - Exciting developments in Arity with Louise Kerr

Published: August 3, 2022

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company focused on creating better experiences on and off the road for drivers, communities, and businesses. Founded by The Allstate Corporation in 2016, Arity collects and analyzes billions of miles of driving data to create a greater understanding of how people move.

Learn with leaders. Exciting developments in Arity with Louise Kerr.

At Arity, we are utilizing cutting-edge development languages, tools, web services and cloud technologies to deliver amazing capabilities and products. To list a few for example:

  • Mobile - Android Kotlin and iOS Swift apps
  • Full Stack - Java and GoLang for backend services and mobility insights
  • Platform: AWS, EMR, PCF, Apigee, Kafka, NiFi, Flink, KDA, Cassandra, postgres

Arity develops services, insights, and products to provide support and maintenance for our customers. We are committed to world class technology solutions ensuring the highest of quality, maintainability, and usability.

Last month, we launched the Admin Portal MVP. The admin portal is a react application giving the responsibility to our customer to administer their users. This will permit the monitoring of activation codes for use within the Routely telematics app. It permits the customer to analyse and log codes sent; view how many have been activated; and grant the ability to resend. This react app is fueled by Golang Consumers, Kafka topics, feeding a postgres database. The portal provides app diagnostics including driver details, the health of a user's mobile phone and a log of recent trips. Our aim is to give control to our customers.

And we don't stop there - Arity is fast approaching the launch of our new Modular Routely app. This new and improved app is a complete reimagining of the existing Routely, our telematics app offering. Built from the ground up using the very latest technologies and techniques, it results in a transformative change. It provides flexibility in configuration and speed in delivery of new features and insights. The combination of Android Compose, Swift UI, MVVM and Launch Darkly as our remote configuration tools, gives us a platform to exceed anything in the marketplace today. We can offer a white label app, a bespoke app, or it can be incorporated into a company's existing app.

Arity is an exciting place to be - the future aims to be bigger, better and faster.