Allstate partners with mTech Academy

Published: September 25, 2019

Supporting our commitment to shaping a stronger future for the IT industry.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with mTech Academy as they kick off the second year of their schools-wide skills building initiative! Founded by experts from the education and technology communities, mTech.Academy delivers experiential learning for the future of work, allowing us to shape school development plans and forge stronger industry links for career advocacy.

NI Allstate staff partners with mTech Academy staff to help deliver experiential learning for future of work.

Rob Smyth, Director of Flight, pioneered this worthwhile partnership, stating:

"Allstate are excited to partner with mTech for year 2 of their Academy program. The partnership represents a great opportunity to strategically engage with 15 Schools and their head teachers, their careers teachers, 75 teachers, 450 students and their parents. The mTech academy is set up help develop the employability skills of young people, focusing at key stage 3, a critical age for students when they are making significant decisions around subject choices and career paths. mTech directly aligns with Allstate's commitment to the local community and the future of the digital skills talent pool in Northern Ireland."

This is a fantastic opportunity to further meaningful engagement and foundations between schools and employers. Through the programme, students will broaden their understanding of new technologies and open career pathways. This is of benefit for us Northern Ireland companies as it builds a highly capable and skilled future workforce.

For the 2019/20 academic year, students will engage in problem-based learning with a focus on driving innovation through next-generation technologies such as 5G connectivity, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Through the programme, students will develop critical employability skills that will prepare them for career success; these include digital skills such as using cloud-based collaboration tools, developing presentations, conducting online research and managing projects, as well as soft skills including critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Combining innovative technology, creativity and real-world skills development, mTech. Academy empowers students, providing a strong foundation to achieve their potential.