Digitally Product Manager: Reskilling Program

Published: September 22, 2023

Over 100 employees have recently completed the 4-day Digital Product Management bootcamp, delivered by MadeFor.

The 4-day course has been designed to build the core capabilities needed for these employees to transition into Digital Product Manager [DPM] roles. Participants explore the full product lifecycle, learning the key skills required to go from idea to customer success.

Digital Product Manager: Reskilling program - Allstate Northern Ireland.

Louise recently completed the course, hear her experience below.

1. What attracted you to the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp?

I had heard a lot about the DPM role, the importance of it in Allstate and excitement around it. That first grabbed my interest and attracted me to finding out more about the bootcamp. I discussed it with my line manager who felt I would be a good fit for a future Digital Product Manager role. With this reassurance, I applied and was delighted to be given the opportunity to take part.

2. What did the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp program entail?

The program entails commitment. That's the first thing I would say. There are pre requirements to be completed before attending the course and some meet up sessions as a group with the agile coaches. You will get a lot of good information in the pre req sessions, for some this may be a refresher, for others a good insight. Doing this work before the bootcamp cut out a lot of information in the classroom, allowing time for practical engagement, which is fantastic with a lot of hands-on learning. The classroom environment is fast paced, engaging, insightful, thought provoking and challenging! The presentation at the end is fun.

3. How does the Digital Product Manager Bootcamp help you as a leader today?

In my current role on the Enterprise Change and Release team, I learned the importance of understanding the problem and tools to help, the VISION and product, KPI's and MVP planning, to useful tools to use for prioritization of our backlog, hints and tips for story writing and the importance of stakeholder engagement.

4. How do you think this course will benefit you in the future/ help your career?

It has certainly helped my understanding of the Digital Product Manager role and how it looks in Allstate. I feel I have sound knowledge to bring to the role, having a good understanding of best practices to employ to help me become a successful DPM in the future.