Vera's experience with Allstate Northern Ireland

Published: October 31, 2022

Over the past couple of weeks Allstate Northern Ireland were delighted to offer Vera, a student from Ukraine, two weeks of work experience across several departments. The purpose of providing Vera with work experience was to help her make informed decisions around the next steps of her career as she was exploring various pathways. Vera and her brother moved to Belfast in May as refugees due to the war in Ukraine and are currently living with a family who have sponsored them. She has found her time with Allstate invaluable and wanted to share more about her experience.

Student from Unkraine sitting in a chair.

Vera found out about Allstate very quickly after moving to Belfast. Upon arriving she met many new people who all suggested she look into some work experience opportunities with Allstate. After contacting the TA team that became a reality, Vera was offered a three-week work experience opportunity that enabled her to gain insight into what Allstate Northern Ireland do.

Vera had the opportunity to work in three different teams here at Allstate with a mix of virtual and in-person tasks. Her first week was spent with the Finance team, her second week was with D3, and her final week was spent with MARA. Vera enjoyed her time with all departments and said, "I am really grateful for this experience and want to thank everyone who I worked with when I was at Allstate Northern Ireland".

Vera found many of her tasks valuable, but her favourite was learning more about what employees do on a day-to-day basis. She said, "I liked getting advice from different people, it was really useful, and I loved when people showed me real life examples of what they do at work". Vera wanted to thank everyone that contributed to making her time at Allstate memorable. She said she would love to come back to AllstateNI, "they have a lot of amazing opportunities, very kind staff and a welcoming environment".